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ΤSL retarder provers for the automated control of bread and pastry dough proving .

The ΤSL  series retarder provers are designed for the automated control of bread and pastry dough proving.

The retarder provers are available in multiple versions and in a wide range of models, with different features in order to satisfy all proofing requirements. The advantages offered by this technique consist in the reduction of night work and in the possibility of programming the baking of the products based on requirements and at different times during the day.

Features of the retarder provers:

  • the internal angles are all rounded and are integrated into the structure, increasing its solidity, improving the heat seal and making cleaning operations easier
  • the equalised air duct system resolves all problems related to temperature stratification and humidity inside the proofer, also under the most difficult conditions and during the longest cycles (48/72 hours) thanks to the reduced air speed
  • the panels are connected together by eccentric mechanical hooks that reduce installation times and, due to a layer of expanded material placed along the perimeter, they guarantee the combination of precision and exceptional thermal insulation
  • the access ramp dimension is only 15 cm and with an 8 degree slope, it makes it easier to handle the racks, limiting the dimensions inside the laboratory
  • the monolithic floor is implemented in high density insulating material, with superior reinforcement with anti-slip phenol formaldehyde resin and an external peripheral edge in stainless steel, providing perfect thermal insulation avoiding the formation of condensation, standing water and mould
  • humidification is produced by an immersed electrode steam generator obtaining low electric consumption, easy ordinary maintenance , great precision in the quantity of produced steam


Technical Features
Assembly system Hooks
Control Panel TSE= Monochromatic LCD / TSL= Colour touch screen
External (front excluded) Plasticised galvanised plate
Floor 38mm
Front TSE= Plasticised galvanised plate / TSL= AISI 304 stainless steel
Hinges TSE= Painted, self-lifting with plasticised covers / TSL= Chrome plated, self-lifting
Humidifier Electronic
Interior TSE= Plasticised galvanised plate / TSL= AISI 304 stainless steel
Interior rack protection AISI 304 stainless steel
Isothermal panel thickness 70mm
No. of automatic programs TSE= 40 (6 phases) / TSL= 10 (4 phases) 40 (6 phases)
Power 400V / 3+N / 50Hz
Safety opening TSE= Interior handle / TSL= Thrust
Structure Panels