CCP 98

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The intermediate proofer model CCP-98 is a static proofer, specially designed to work within an automatic processing group. It works in combination with a divider, a rounder and a moulder.

The function of the proofer is to let the dough repose during the necessary time to lose the tensions acquired in the divider and the rounder before being formed in the moulder.

In this model there is flexibility relating to the number of pieces to load, because the speed of the loader and of the unloading belt can be regulated. This allows a wide margin in the reposing time. There is also flexibility in the size of the pieces to load, because they are used baskets without bags.


    Motor actioned loading system, possibility of selecting the number of pieces to load per tray (5, 6 or 7).
  • The capacity depending on models can be increased adding extra frontal, rear and top modules, minimum 287 pieces, maximum 500 pieces.
  • Maximum weight of the dough pieces to load: 800g (up to 1300g loading 5 pieces per tray).
  • Total control over the production group (divider and moulder).
  • Automatic and manual unloading.
  • Mechanical and electrical overload protection.
  • Ultraviolet germicide lamps.
  • Flour sprinkler, adjustable time