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Used in automatic plants for the production of long loaves and baguettes, the proofer makes the final product more homogenous.

The rounded dough is left in the chamber in a conditioned environment and this leads to the natural relaxation of the dough before the forming process.

The standard version includes (excluded the CPG96 model): temperature control heating system, automatic water feeding steam generator, humidifier, dehumidifier and aspirator, remote electric control.

These accessories for the Proofer mod.CPG are on request.

The antimould germicide lamp is standard for all models.

The maximum proofing time is related to the feeding of pieces and to the unloading from the last of the three openings available.

The other two openings for pieces unloading give the possibility of reducing the intermediate proofing time keeping the production speed unchanged.

The use of the intermediate proofer is recommended to improve the development of the product, especially in those cases where flour with a low gluten content is used.